Once upon a stone

Dry stone is one of the main structural elements of Catalonia's rural landscape. These constructions, with great historical and environmental value, embody an ancient and complex expertise currently under threat.

Pulling stones out of the fields used to be a routine activity that made the land cultivable and, in addition, supplied building material for structures with multiple functions: the walls built to divide properties provide shelter for many animal species; the terraces built to level sloping land help blocking the flow of rainwater and therefore contribute to prevent soil erosion.

As an heritage of traditional lifestyles, dry stone constructions represent a way of life that for centuries learned how to adapt to the local environment and to effectively manage its resources. Although many studies point out that the knowledge and values inherent to rural culture play a crucial role in a sustainable development, not many efforts are being made in regards to change their imminent loss.

The images featured in this body of work were shot during a two-month artistic residency at the Centre of Contemporary Art and Sustainability / CACIS - "Forn de la Calç", Catalonia, Spain.

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