Building on a dream

Under the belief that global problems require personal action, an ever-increasing number of people is embracing low impact lifestyles and joining forces in different ecologically-oriented groups. This cultural, human and environmental breakthrough is deeply connected to a new consciousness of world citizenship that looks at daily life in a broader perspective and questions the current patterns of development that are destroying the Earth's ecosystem for the comfort of the few.

There is an endless number of ecovillages, rural communes and urban co-housing developments spread throughout the globe. Born as a result of a creative group process in a myriad of social & cultural contexts, these initiatives constitute a concrete alternative that encourages us to rethink our own lifestyle choices and reminds us that there are many different ways of contributing to a more environmentally responsible society.

Europe is home to some of the oldest eco-communities in the world. Through photography, sound and mixed-media installations this project aims to explore the human dimension of sustainability in a variety of European communities.

- Il Popolo degli Elfi, Italy
- Tamera, Portugal
- Sieben Linden, Germany
- Cal Cases, Spain

Exhibition at the Gallery im Tor, Germany 2014:

Sound-design & video by Sergio González Cuervo